• May 1, 2012

    TrueZIP 7.5.2 released

    TrueZIP 7.5.2 has been released. This version updates the dependency on commons-compress to version 1.4, which significantly improves reading and writing of TAR files. It also fixes authentication of WinZip AES files (see below) and a number of multithreading bugs in the TrueZIP Kernel when accessing nested archive files. [more...]

  • Apr 27, 2012

    Black Friday

    It appears my hard disk is slowly dying. This morning I’ve installed a couple of updates (Mercurial, Java, NetBeans et al). NetBeans was the last on the list when somewhere in the middle of the installer, my notebook suddenly crashed with a bluescreen! [more...]

  • Apr 3, 2012

    TrueZIP 7.5.1 released

    TrueZIP 7.5.1 has been released. This version improves the handling of TAR files, which now use the default character set instead of just US-ASCII. As usual you can select any other character set by overriding TarDriver.getCharset(). [more...]

  • Mar 23, 2012

    TrueZIP 7.5 released

    I am very pleased to announce the release of TrueZIP 7.5. While TrueZIP 7.5 provides only few new features, it fixes a lot of bugs - one of which was a dead lock - and provides lots of improvements regarding its memory footprint, performance and last, but not least, documentation. [more...]

  • Jan 16, 2012

    Sharing Conversations On Mailing Lists

    It happens every now and then that I get a personal email asking for support on an issue with TrueZIP. Well, this is certainly OK, but I prefer such conversation to happen on the public user mailing list for the benefit of TrueZIP’s small but growing community. Besides, sharing our conversation with others is a way of saying thank you for a free (as in beer) VFS library/framework. [more...]

  • Jan 8, 2012

    How To Make Comprehensible Stack Traces with Decorator Chains

    When catching an exception, it’s often vital to understand the context of the issue by reading the stack trace. However, with third-party code and certain design patterns it’s often hard to comprehend it. Here’s why and what you can do about it in your own code. [more...]

  • Dec 14, 2011

    TrueZIP 7.4.3 released

    Just one day after the release of TrueZIP 7.4.2, I was notified about a very unfortunate ZIP64 issue: If an entry >= 4GB size is written to a ZIP file, then this ZIP file will not be readable again by the classes and relatives (including in JSE 7)! [more...]

  • Dec 13, 2011

    TrueZIP 7.4.2 released

    This is a minor maintenance update which fixes a URISyntaxException when accessing archive file entries with non-US-ASCII characters in the category Character.isISOControl(char) or Character.isSpaceChar(char) (e.g. NBSP). For more details, please refer to the Release Notes below. [more...]

  • Nov 28, 2011

    TrueZIP 7.4.1 released

    I am pleased to announce the release of TrueZIP 7.4.1. Apart from registering some missing OpenDocument extensions in the TrueZIP Driver ZIP, this is primarily an update to the documentation. [more...]

  • Nov 5, 2011

    TrueZIP 7.4 released

    I am pleased to announce the release of TrueZIP 7.4. Besides fixing one bug and providing one improvement, this release features the addition of a pluggable extension module for monitoring and management of TrueZIP with JMX and extended logging with java.util.logging. [more...]

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