TrueZIP 7.7 released

TrueZIP 7.7 has been released. This is mostly a maintenance release which fixes bugs and improves documentation. As of now, TrueZIP is entering maintenance mode, that is, it should only receive maintenance updates while new features should go into its successor, TrueVFS. An update to TrueVFS should get released in due time.

Release Notes

Following are the Release Notes for TrueZIP 7.7 as compiled by the project’s issue tracker at


  • [TRUEZIP-293] - Exception when accessing an archive file with TrueZIP Extension PaceManager installed
  • [TRUEZIP-296] - TrueZIP Extension PaceManager should not sync a file system controller if the current thread has created open streams or channels for it
  • [TRUEZIP-297] - Bugs in integration test suite
  • [TRUEZIP-299] - CLONE -ArrayIndexOutOfBounds when reading an Extra field
  • [TRUEZIP-300] - Incorrect positioning and closing logic in
  • [TRUEZIP-306] - Key file selection doesn’t always work
  • [TRUEZIP-307] - TArchiveDetector bug when accessing inner archives without accessing outer archive before
  • [TRUEZIP-309] - Issue with the RDC feature which supresses redundant reprocessing when copying archive entries


  • [TRUEZIP-302] - CLONE -Add an @ExpertFeature annotation to any method which accepts a TArchiveDetector parameter
  • [TRUEZIP-303] - Update documentation