TrueZIP 7.5.5 released

TrueZIP 7.5.5 has been released. This is a maintenance release. As usual, binary backwards compatibility of the client APIs with TrueZIP 7.0 has been retained, so please don’t hesitate to upgrade your dependencies.

Release Notes

Following are the Release Notes as compiled by the project’s issue tracker at


  • [TRUEZIP-256] - FsController.setTime/3 should fail with the boolean return value false instead of throwing an exception on a negative access time
  • [TRUEZIP-258] - Optimize code.
  • [TRUEZIP-259] - Improve Javadoc.
  • [TRUEZIP-261] - Deprecate TFile.getFile()


  • [TRUEZIP-257] - Improve web site.