Sep 012011

I am pleased to announce the release of TrueZIP 7.3. TrueZIP 7.3 provides many new features, improvements and bug fixes: The TrueZIP Kernel has been improved a lot, the TrueZIP Driver TAR and TrueZIP Driver ZIP have been changed to use Apache Commons Compress and the TrueZIP Driver ZIP has lots of new features like WinZip AES Encryption, BZIP2 compression and more. Last, but not least, TrueZIP 7.3 is now licensed according to the Eclipse Public License 1.0. Continue reading »

Jul 282011

I am pleased to announce TrueZIP 7.3 Release Candidate 1. This version provides a minor bug fix, some improvements and a new major feature for updating really large archive files: The GROW Output Option Preference. This feature is otherwise also known as archive-appending mode and is the equivalent of a multi-session disc (CD, DVD etc) for archive files. Continue reading »

Jul 272011

In my previous sneak preview post, I showed you how the upcoming TrueZIP 7.3 release can get used to grow a ZIP file by appending archive entries to its end rather than assembling a new ZIP file. While this improves performance, it grows the ZIP file over time and so you may want to compact the ZIP file once again. Here’s how to do this. Continue reading »

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Jul 262011

This post is a sneak preview of a new feature in TrueZIP 7.3: The ability to add ZIP entries to a ZIP file fast by appending them to its end rather than performing a full update. This feature is the equivalent to a multi-session disc (CD, DVD etc.) for ZIP files and can significantly improve the overall performance of a TrueZIP application. Continue reading »