Dec 142011

Just one day after the release of TrueZIP 7.4.2, I was notified about a very unfortunate ZIP64 issue: If an entry >= 4GB size is written to a ZIP file, then this ZIP file will not be readable again by the classes and relatives (including in JSE 7)!

This issue affects the versions 7.3 up to 7.4.2 of the module TrueZIP Driver ZIP. Fortunately, you can easily recover all entries of such a damaged ZIP file using in JSE 7 (JSE 6 does not support ZIP64 extensions) or various command line tools, including the jar utility (Windows, Solaris) in JDK  7 or some third party tools.

The reason why this issue could slip through my test suite is that round-tripping ZIP files > 4GB is way too slow to be practical in an automated test suite and so an automated test for such a big ZIP files does not exist. Hence I have manually tested this issue and fixed it.

Everybody please update the dependencies in your POM or download TrueZIP 7.4.3 from the Maven Central Search Site!

My heartiest apologies to anyone affected.
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Dec 132011

This is a minor maintenance update which fixes a URISyntaxException when accessing archive file entries with non-US-ASCII characters in the category Character.isISOControl(char) or Character.isSpaceChar(char) (e.g. NBSP). For more details, please refer to the Release Notes below.

If you are using Maven, please update your TrueZIP dependencies to version 7.4.2 in your POM. If you are not using Maven, please download the appropriate JAR artifacts from

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Nov 052011

I am pleased to announce the release of TrueZIP 7.4. Besides fixing one bug and providing one improvement, this release features the addition of a pluggable extension module for monitoring and management of TrueZIP with JMX and extended logging with java.util.logging. I kept this module in my trunk for a while, but now it’s finally ready for show time. For more information about it, please refer to its home page at

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Sep 052011

I am pleased to pleased to announce the release of TrueZIP 7.3.1. Except fixing one trivial bug, TrueZIP 7.3.1 is primarily an update to the TrueZIP User Website. The report section of each module has been cleaned up and new documentation has been added. Most noteably, there’s now two articles for key management, one for WinZip AES entries and one for ZIP.RAES files. Continue reading »