Christian Schlichtherle

Christian Schlichtherle

Aug 022012

TrueZIP 7.6 has been released. This is a feature release. As usual, binary backwards compatibility of the client APIs with TrueZIP 7.0 has been retained, so please don’t hesitate to upgrade your dependencies. If you have been coding a TrueZIP Driver however, you need to recompile because this version incorporates considerable changes to the Kernel API which were required to achieve some important improvements. Continue reading »

May 012012

TrueZIP 7.5.2 has been released. This version updates the dependency on commons-compress to version 1.4, which significantly improves reading and writing of TAR files. It also fixes authentication of WinZip AES files (see below) and a number of multithreading bugs in the TrueZIP Kernel when accessing nested archive files. Continue reading »

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Apr 272012

It appears my hard disk is slowly dying. This morning I’ve installed a couple of updates (Mercurial, Java, NetBeans et al). NetBeans was the last on the list when somewhere in the middle of the installer, my notebook suddenly crashed with a bluescreen! Continue reading »

Jan 162012

It happens every now and then that I get a personal email asking for support on an issue with TrueZIP. Well, this is certainly OK, but I prefer such conversation to happen on the public user mailing list for the benefit of TrueZIP’s small but growing community. Besides, sharing our conversation with others is a way of saying thank you for a free (as in beer) VFS library/framework.

So if you haven’t done already, please subscribe to a TrueZIP mailing list at The most appropriate list is the users list. The announce list should only be used if your interest is solely in announcements – they will get copied to the user list anyway.

If you have a login on, your subscription should get confirmed instantly. Otherwise I’ll have to do it manually, so please bear with me.

Thanks in advance!