Sep 052012

I am very pleased to announce the double release of TrueVFS 0.9.1 and TrueZIP 7.6.4. This is the first release of TrueVFS, which is the successor of TrueZIP. TrueVFS provides a significantly improved architecture which will serve as a robust and extensible platform for building future releases. Some new features have already been implemented, and a lot more will follow before the release of version 1.0.

TrueVFS 0.9.1 has been developed by refactoring the TrueZIP code base and reflects the latest changes up to TrueZIP 7.6.4. While refactoring, the original automated test suite has been maintained and extended so that you can easily put the same faith into TrueVFS 0.9.1 than you could put into TrueZIP 7.6.4.

If you are interested in the plans for this project, please have a look at its Road Map on JIRA or subscribe to its Users Mailing List for discussion. As of now, TrueVFS and TrueZIP share the same mailing lists, so if you are already subscribed to any TrueZIP mailing list, then you don’t need to change anything.

If you would like to give TrueVFS a spin, please try it’s shiny new archetype with the following Maven coordinates:

Group Id
Artifact Id truevfs-archetype-access
Version 0.9.1

If you need some help to get going with a Maven archetype, please check the TrueVFS documentation at .

Note that the TrueVFS version is not yet at 1.0 because chances are that there will be backwards incompatible changes to the API of internal modules. This is unlikely to happen to the API of the client module TrueVFS Access (merged from TrueZIP File* and TrueZIP Path), however.

The change log for TrueVFS 0.9.1 is available at .

The change log for TrueZIP 7.6.4 is available at .

For now, this should be enough to get you started. Stay tuned for additional blog postings about new features – they will be coming soon.

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