May 012012

TrueZIP 7.5.2 has been released. This version updates the dependency on commons-compress to version 1.4, which significantly improves reading and writing of TAR files. It also fixes authentication of WinZip AES files (see below) and a number of multithreading bugs in the TrueZIP Kernel when accessing nested archive files.

Release Notes

Following are the Release Notes as compiled by the project’s issue tracker at Note that this list is not complete, so upgrading is recommended for everybody.


  • [TRUEZIP-244] – Only half of the authentication code is checked for WinZip AES encrypted files
  • [TRUEZIP-245] – Wrong description in ZipEntry.toString()
  • [TRUEZIP-246] – Key Prompting Cancellation not treated correctly for WinZip AES encryption
  • [TRUEZIP-247] – FsMultiplexedOutputShop.storeBuffers may erratically remove a buffer if an exception gets thrown.
  • [TRUEZIP-248] – FsResourceController.*.close() may produce racing conditions.
  • [TRUEZIP-249] – may erratically close the current entry
  • [TRUEZIP-250] – Wrong use of ThreadLocal may introduce memory leaks


  • [TRUEZIP-251] – Update to Apache Commons Compress 1.4

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